"Cyber risk" is any maneuver, employed by individuals or organizations that affects information systems, infrastructures, computer networks through malicious acts, generally coming from an anonymous source, aimed at the theft, alteration or destruction of specific objectives such as data, sensitive data bases, general information. Cyber ​​attacks range from the installation of spyware on a PC to attempts to demolish complex IT systems and produce both direct and indirect damage (reconstruction and restoration of archives, for example).


There is an insurance market about.

The Treccani Institute defines "Cyber ​​Insurance" the insurance that protects companies and individual users from the risks of illicit diffusion, tampering, destruction, extortion, theft and the like of data, information and goods via the Internet.

However, according to recent research, 4 out of 5 companies do not have cyber risk coverage. 36% of the sample do not consider the problem relevant, 22% believe the cyber insurance sector is still immature. Finally, 80% do not know the implications of the new European privacy regulation. (, 30 January 2017, Economy & Finance). In addition, 32% of respondents did not consider the problem relevant. (Corriere, 2 February 2017, Digital).


However here is what Repubblica writes on 5 March 2020:

"Cybersecurity, in Italy there is a serious attack every 5 hours. More 91.2% in 5 years"


Not even Corriere della Sera is of such a different opinion and writes:

"" Welcome to the era of cyber insecurity ": cyber attacks on the rise worldwide -

Between January and December 2019, almost 50 percent more monthly offensives were recorded

for the period 2014-2018. «Situation of unprecedented seriousness»: the new Clusit 2020 Report points out ".


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For more information, download the 2019 CyRim Report published in collaboration with Lloyd's:

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