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Following the publication of the Prime Ministerial Decree dated 22nd March 2020 - with which further restrictive measures have been arranged in order to contain and manage the epidemiological emergency from Covid19 - SB Broker intends to guarantee continuity of service but in compliance with the recommendations and all the precautions provided by the standard which are aimed at preventing the spread of the Corona Virus.

Our availability and operation is 100% guaranteed but the Voghera offices will remain closed to the public; for every need we invite you to take advantage of all possible and available contact channels such as:


- Email

- Telephone (any number from both Milan and Voghera is useful, our digital switchboard will handle calls)

- Fax

- Skype

- WhatsApp

- Chat from this site


as indicated below:

Registered Offices:

Viale Tunisia 4 - 20124 Milano (MI) Italia


T (+39) 02 4003 1573

Operating Offices:

Piazza Duomo 53 - 27058 Voghera (PV) Italia


T (+39) 0383 218 558

F (+39) 02 9544 1990



WhatsApp: (+39) 335 635 0001

Skype ID: SB Broker  

Contact us

Grazie. La tua mail è stata inviata con successo!

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